Oak Ridge Comfort Inn Worker Helps Sweep Up Award

October 28, 2014

OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE – The facilities associate at the Comfort Inn-Oak Ridge, TN not only works through his disabilities, he works through the Emory Valley Center, which works through the Oak Ridge Comfort Inn that gave Bill Roberson a full-time job. The nonprofit agency’s Supportive Employment program matches special people like Bill, who works to keep the hotel tidy while meeting guests and making them happy.

Emory Valley Center likes the arrangement, too—so much so that EVC named the Comfort Inn-Oak Ridge its Business of the Year.

“Of course, we’re proud of the award,” says Troy Patel, general manager of the Paragon Hotel Company property in eastern Tennessee. “But we’re exceptionally proud of Bill, and we’re proud of the opportunity we have had to provide him a job that makes our guests happy and makes him happy, too.”

Barbara Davis, director of EVC’s Workforce Development, says the agency’s clients always bring “the right attitude. You can’t train for attitude. It comes with someone or it doesn’t, and our individuals come with that right attitude.”

EVC, which grew out of a program started in 1955 to help families of children with various handicaps, is grateful to Patel and his team. Comfort Inn’s participation in the EVC employment program helps disabled people overcome barriers. “And if we can get them in the community working,” Davis says, “it helps them help themselves and help the community.”

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