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Shera Patel

Shera Patel

Director of People & Culture

Shera Patel serves as Director of People & Culture who is responsible for systemizing, organizing, and innovating the design & refinement of the organization’s hiring, onboarding, development, evaluation, and overall HR processes. Shera thrives at partnering with senior management to create and maintain performance management systems, culture development, and recruiting & onboarding new excellent talent. Creative problem solving, a vision of high level strategy, and a willingness to find answers allows Shera to succeed in her role.

Ms. Patel graduated from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina and began her career in education as an 8th grade math teacher in Charlotte, NC. She later moved to Anderson, SC where she received the accolade of District V’s “Teacher of the Year” for McCants Middle School. After a decade of teaching, she joined Paragon Hotel Company to leverage her developmental training and orientation skills to attract and retain top-level employment candidates. With Paragon’s open door policy for all associates, Shera provides each hotel with the personnel, guidance, and support necessary to achieve the hotel’s guest service and business objectives.

In her spare time, Shera enjoys the simple art of cooking. She finds that there’s something rather soothing about the whole process of cooking – the familiar smell of onions sautéing, the crunch of crisp vegetables being cut, and the gentle growing warmth of a kitchen in use.