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Impressive PHC Conference Impresses GM/DOS Associates

ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA – During a balmy September week, some two dozen General Managers and Directors of Sales for Paragon Hotel Company got impressive first impressions … about first impressions.

Beginning with a red-carpet reception, PHC played host to its hotel leaders in a four-day conference, “First Impressions: Impress The Guest.” In fact, on the first evening, PHC’s guests were the guests of honor, dressed to impress in their best black-and-white finery.

Conferees then discussed such topics as: impressing guests to improve service scores; having morning huddles; shop calls to book test rooms; and how the Front Desk reacts to the call.

And let’s not forget the pickle.

Participants learned about sales guru Bob Farrell’s customer-service techniques: “Give ’em the pickle.” Farrell, a New York orphan turned ice cream-parlor magnate, tells about how a disappointed customer once told him he would never return to Farrell’s restaurant because the waitress had refused to give her guest an additional pickle with his hamburger. Farrell parlayed that lesson into a motivational program inspiring hospitality staff to always give the guest the “extra pickle” – whatever that might be.

“We also talked about how to seize the day by ‘seizing the guests,’ ” says Deesha Patel, PHC’s director of Corporate and Investor Relations who led one of the first workshops: impressing guests through connecting with them and through team-building.

In addition to associates, the most impressive feature of any hotel is … the hotel. A full three hours detailed spotless guest rooms and maintaining properties with non-stop preventive maintenance.

And at the end? PHC’s management impressed their own guests with a question-and-answer session that solicited comments, suggestions and ideas, empowering the team and building leaders.

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About Paragon Hotel Company

Founded in 1995, PHC is a hospitality real estate management and development company based in Anderson, SC. The company’s vision, “constantly challenging the status quo,” complements its mission to acquire, develop and manage a portfolio of unique properties and lifestyle experiences for the enjoyment of our guests, while delivering exceptional financial results to investors and positively impacting the surrounding communities. The company’s portfolio of more than 2,100 rooms in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Tennessee includes hotels within Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental, Best Western, Choice, Carlson Hotels Worldwide and Wyndham Worldwide franchises.